WINS Lab Motto: Passion and Consideration

  The research interests in Wireless mobile INternet and Services Laboratory are focused on the technologies to realize ubiquitous services in the future mobile Internet.

  The vision of our research is to develop the future wireless mobile technologies that enables everyone in the world to access and share the necessary information and services anytime, anywhere with appropriate QoS and cost. We believe that our theoritical and experimental studies will realize our vision in the near future.   

  Our studies cover the latest issues in the various topics of wireless mobile Internet including as follows.

  • - Wi-Fi enhanced with new features including seamless handoff, video QoS, indoor localization, and more.
  • - Distributed mobility management for future networks
  • - Security in wireless mobile networks
  • - Policy on information security and privacy

  WINSLab과 비전을 공유할 박사과정을 초대합니다.

  If you have any question or want to know about WINSLab, please contact us by the address below.
  Tel. 042-350-7752  Room. N1, 821
  E-Mail :  (Jaehyun Park, Ph.D candidate)